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waves hit the shoreline

Let the waves hit the shoreline
Under the setting sun
For I know our last day
In paradise is done.

The pier is still standing
A ghostly timber in it’s planks
No-one walks along it
and it is sinking into the sands

Once stood so proudly,
As the birds upon it did,
Singing rhythmically and loudly,
Now stay far from it,

I see the clouds rolling in
Stormy weather is soon to come
My mind will wonder to another
as it always has when the sun is gone.

I see the ship
In the harbour it sits
Waiting to carry you away
Far from my longing mits,

If every man is an island
Here you are making me sink,
The walls that always protected me
Are my own armours chink,

Let the waves hit the shoreline
Let the coast erode
Let it weather down the walls
Until all that’s left is this ode.

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