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A friend of mine has written poetry openly for a number of years and so I thought maybe I would turn my hand to it and see what happens, I also enjoy playing with a camera, so considered maybe I could use this page to demonstrate a few of these more creative pursuits of which my current occupation does not allow me, I do not consider myself to have any innate ability, but here is hoping I am wrong and that you find something that is of interest.

After having this page for nearly a month, I have decided to start publishing a few things, I have also found a bit of time to try and get a vast selection of things up on here, it will be added to in the coming days

The plan in first setting this up was to add something to it each day, oops, that may have slipped somewhat, but I hope you find something in my posts of worth and I will add to it when I get a chance or inspiration hits.

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