The Ill-Treated Warrior

He walked out of the station
This hero of our nation
His arms bound behind his back
He’d come back to an empty home
Nothing to eat, not even a bone
His crime was sleeping in a sack

Stood to be judged by twelve of his peers
The breath scented by last nights beers
And clearly he craved the next
But no-one heard what he had done
They only saw what he has become
If only they knew how they were indebted

Now he’s sat in this old jail,
For not reading yesterday’s mail
It was sent to his old address
Each guard in turn takes a tooth
Tell him he should be grateful for a roof
And he wonders how he got in this mess

He came back without a home
After fighting to the bone
And needing a helping hand
He was found last night
Hanging from the light
Unbefiitting this heroic man

Eddie Silver

This is the tip of my hat to the vets, who have sacrificed for their country, to return home and be less than welcomed, who haven’t been compensated fairly and whose future doesn’t seem to line up with the one they were fighting for.

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