Oh brother where art thou

Oh brother where art thouFor I need some adviceEverything is starting to fall into placeBut is it worth the price All my friends are moving on up,Bettering themselves,Whilst I am stuck working my time awayAnd doing little else Not enough sites have I seenNor places have I beenAlways heading down the same old roadWeathered byContinue reading “Oh brother where art thou”

The heisenberg principle

How can I be certain?How can I be sure?That a heart once brokenCan’t be mended like before. A task of many endeavours,Left many wounds to endure,Your words blistered my defences,Your absence a disease without cure. You are of such beauty,My eyes can’t turn away,You speak to me so freely,But with each word my legs giveContinue reading “The heisenberg principle”

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