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dressed to impress part 4

He started his shift before anyone came in
Glanced at the mirror practising his grin
Blissfully unaware of what was to come

He saw a face that was new in town,
served him a drink then let him go to sit down,
Not knowing his part when all was said and done

Then came a regular who sat at the bar
Drinking heavily and smoking like a broken car,
Not the first time he’d seen him in this state

Finally the woman came in to view
He gave her a compliment as she took a pew
It was clear she was ready for a date

He saw the man looking over and let the couple know,
He didn’t expect that one of them would try to give him a show,
But he made sure he was in a good place

Straight after it all went down
he briefly assisted the man on the ground,
Before quickly giving chase

He saw the beautiful girl with the stranger,
quickly stepped in to protect her from more danger
And that is the way it was done,

The next day they awoke intertwined
a little hazy and unrefined
not knowing where the time had gone

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