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Dressed to impress part 3

He had been working one hell of a shift
His mind exhausted and starting to drift
Just wanted to see her face,

Tried to smarten up, to look my best
After a week like this I was still feeling stressed
Could barely make it to the place

He didn’t want her to hear him complain,
So he smoked and drank to settle his brain,
Maybe he over did it perhaps

The time came and she hadn’t appeared,
So he stopped looking downed his beer
In his judgement there had been a lapse

Then she came in, but he was mentally gone
A difficult week where everything went wrong
This was one more thing to add to the list

He saw someone looking over at his date
So he made a move before it was too late
But she stepped back and he missed

She then started pulling away
He had always dreamed of today
But nothing had panned out right

She made for the door, the man gave chase.
He barely took two steps when he fell flat on his face,
This was the last time she was in his sight.

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