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Dressed to impress part 2

He looked rough with bags under his eyes
A little unkempt, skin cracked and dry
But he tried barely but still

Well his cheapest suit a size too small
The bloodstained shirt from a previous brawl
It’s surprising he wasn’t easier to kill

His breath tinted with a smell of smoke
One of these days He’ll both be broke
Why did I come on this date

He was sitting drinking as I walked through the door
I thought he saw me, but I wasn’t sure
But I was only 5 minutes late

He ordered another drink with the raise of a hand
Thank god he had no reason to stand
And a smile that always looked out of place

His glances drawn to any girl around
Everytime she spoke he didn’t hear a sound
Always seeking the thrill of another chase.

Then he looked over my shoulder and saw a man,
Looking over at me like my biggest fan,
so he leant over for a kiss

From the moment she arrived there was no reason to talk
she felt it would be better to walk,
It can only get better than this

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