Alone at a table for two

I set two places at the table
plated up two portions of food
put on some old slow record
lit a candle to set the mood,

Then I sat in the darkness
Staring through the flame
Gazing at an empty space
Knowing that I am to blame

I no longer felt hungry
I cast the plates aside
Sat there close to tears
Until the feelings subside

I poured myself a drink
Then drank it quick
Poured myself another
Until I felt a little sick

Just a moment of weakness
Things I shouldn’t have said,
It mean’t less than nothing,
Now you are with him instead.

I don’t mean to be bitter
How can I not be
things will never be like they were
You were the only good thing to ever happen to me.

I set two places at the table

6 thoughts on “Alone at a table for two

  1. Ah, yes, my unknown friend, I know whereof etc… been there, and still there, exactly as you say, with no chance of reprieve from the cruel hand of fate. Be bitter! Why not! It’s a bitter outcome for sure.

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