Getting out of the city

Heading along the reach as I go meandering around
The water flowing quickly with a gentle calming sound,
Getting out of the city, you find a peaceful place,
Time has no meaning, the clocks lose face.

Thoughts come into perspective and doubts fall away,
As the sun passes it’s summit and burns through the day,
My worries and fears are losing the importance,
I am feeling a little more comfortable with a better stance.

The birds are flying around me, singing and chirping so free,
The path has a guard of honour supplied by the trees,
Suddenly everything is still, the wind more gentle than a breeze,
A picnic table like an altar to give thanks for the birds and bees,

12 thoughts on “Getting out of the city

  1. Hey, would you be interested in a fun collab for a brand new series on my blog? It’ll be an interview of sorts. If yes, lemme know and I’ll mail you the questionaire. 🙂

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  2. very nice and full of serenity that only nature can offer by going towards it. So I translated it tin italian,to include it in Gioielli Rubati, a poetry column of May 30, which I edit with Flavio Almerighi on this platform, of course mentioning your name as the author and with reference to your blog. Thank you

    Uscendo dalla città

    Proseguendo lungo il sentiero mentre mi aggiro
    L’acqua scorre veloce con dolce suono rilassante
    Uscendo dalla città trovi un posto tranquillo,
    Il tempo non ha significato, l’orologio perde volto.

    I pensieri vengono in prospettiva e i dubbi svaniscono
    Mentre il sole arriva in alto e brucia durante il giorno,
    Le mie preoccupazioni e paure stanno perdendo importanza,
    Mi sento un pò più a mio agio in un luogo migliore.

    Gli uccelli volano intorno a me, cantando e cinguettando liberi,
    Il sentiero ha una guardia d’onore fornita dagli alberi,
    All’improvviso tutto è fermo, il vento più dolce di una brezza,
    Un tavolo da picnic come altare per ringraziare uccelli e api.

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