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The circle

They kept the circle from the Ryman,
A piece that has been graced by so many stars
But Susan’s floor is where they ended up
When they were kicked out of the bars

Where is Susan’s floor now?
Does anyone give significance to the place?
For pickers that you may not have known
it turned them into a familiar face

Kris said he may not have been famous without it,
Willie sold hello walls to Faron,
Others had another drink,
Thinking of what was waiting further on,

But what happened to Susan’s floor
Who remembers the place
For pickers that you may not have known
It turned them into a familiar face.

Eddie Silver

Country music is steeped in tradition, the idea for this thing comes from that, in 1943 the Grand Ole Opry started airing from the Ryman auditorium, in 1974 it moved to a larger purpose built location and included a circle from the Ryman stage. Country music however is also very selective over the parts of it’s history that it tells, A number of stars were very upset and spoke out about the lack of recognition from the CMA of the passing of Billy Joe Shaver and others in recent years, Sue the owner of the floor in this thing is Sue Brewer an inductee to the Nashville Songwriters hall of fame in spite of never writing a song. She worked at the bars of downtown Nashville and when the bars closed held an open door policy to her flat (The boars nest) for all the musicians who were in town to play shows or just were about with no place to go. It felt being there and listening to a lot of modern music that this era of music has largely been papered over to be forgotten.

9 thoughts on “The circle

    1. Hi Cindy, thank you for the message, I fear there may have been a little confusion, everything I have posted on here are written by myself, Eddie,

      words for Sarah and words for Danni are pieces of work I put together from memories of some of the best days of my life,

      Thank you for reaching out to me and I definitely agree with your description of W.P.

      Kind regards

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    1. That is the question, I think it is still there, but no-one seems to talk of it, there is nothing outside the old boars nest now to draw it to attention, I wasn’t even sure if I was in the right place.

      On another view it is a question of is there a place around nowadays that serves the same purpose.

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