Waiting by the bay

Stood in the doorway with you in my arms,
What I would’ve given to stay
I dream of riches that lie in wait
And I plan to return the day
I took claim to what was waiting for me by the bay

The first part of the journey was easy
The first flowers appeared that May
But the road was still calling
For to keep me on my way
Assuring me our fortune was just there waiting by the bay

I headed sure-footed through the desert
that was getting hotter by the day
but next came the mountains
where I nearly went astray,
our band travelled en-masse all heading for the bay,

I was moving hastily forward
ever closer to the golden gate
The road was getting steadily easier
The heat started to give way
And on the horizon there stood San Francisco bay,

I started my time prospecting
Looking for what gold I could find
But all the good spots were taken
There was little left to mine
All the time of the journey can’t have been a waste of time

It was then I thought of turning back
But I feared I would disappoint,
I came seeking a fortune
But found nothing of any note,
Losing the only thing that made life worth living, when I first set foot on the road.

Eddie Silver

In 1848 gold was struck in the Sacramento valley in California sparking a mass migration of people into California from Mexico, Asia, Europe and the Atlantic, this story tells of the journey of a person from the eastern states across to the west, the route was very hazardous and took many peoples lives, one of the most worrying parts is that by the time some of the later travellers arrived there was nothing left to mine and all the land was already claimed, this meant that the long journey for some was made in vain. In 2 years the population of San Francisco climbed from about 800 to about 20,000 and the resources and infrastructure was struggling to keep up with the influx of people and some miners and with prices skyrocketing and gold becoming harder and harder to find the journey was only the start of some of the difficulties faced by migrants.

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