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Although I may never tell you

Although I may never tell youAnd I hope you never knowJust how much sleep I am losingBut it’s hard for it not to show I was never great at pokerNor acting in a showThe time is getting shorterBefore I’ll uproots and go It may have always been temporaryI may have not been what you thoughtButContinue reading “Although I may never tell you”

I’d rather be in prison

I am being lead downAway from the judges viewApparently I am found guiltyBy the “honest” fewI thought I had actedWell within my rightsFor he’d taken pleasureFrom she who is my wife It just took a momentA moment of madness perhaps,To walk up behind himAnd knife him … in the back,I thought he was a friendClearlyContinue reading “I’d rather be in prison”