You drove me up the wall,
Round the bend
To the top of the cliff,
Yet you talked me down again.

You made me mad, terribly sad, Beat me black and blue,
Yet you said you loved me
And somehow inside I knew
From your actions I couldn’t see You were in love with me,
That your feelings were true.

You tell a lot of stories
Crack a lot of jokes
I always was the punchline Of every jibe you poke
You said it was harmless
Just words said in jest
I never pressed the issue
Never second guessed

Now friend I hope she’s happier
With you than she was with I,
And that it never crosses your mind
That your relationship is a lie.

Eddie Silver

This was entirely written tongue in cheek, some said quite flippantly that I was driving them up the wall and suddenly the idea was built upon and expanded upon until there was something that made some sort of sense, then again maybe it doesn’t make much sense, it is just something.

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