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The moon looks a little hazy,
Or is it just my eye,
The stars somehow more distant
Just like you and I

Although you lie here with me
The distance could be a mile
How long can this go on?
Hopefully not too long awhile

I know you’ve written your letter
I know what you hope to find
For now I’m counting my blessings
That the letter remains unsigned

You are slipping through my fingers
You’re path already seems set
The familiar fear won’t leave my mind
You’d prefer it if we hadn’t met,

Eddie Silver

This is simply written at a point where a relationship was going to end, it was inevitable looking back, but one person saw the flaws, but didn’t want to give them any significance, whilst the other party just seemed content to let it be, not happy not caring just contented, I think now they didn’t want to do anything to hurt their partner, but sometimes calling it a day is the kindest thing that can be done,

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